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The result is the whitest 80g/m2 in the industry with optimal machine performance and printing results. This advance in technology has set new standards for quality in printing paper that are still a leading reference for the industry.


Like a work of art, perfect in every aspect, conceived for impressive results.

INASET is a brand of The Navigator Company, a world leading company in cellulose pulp and paper manufacturing, based in Portugal. It is a premium quality paper for the professional segment of the printing industry.


INASET offers premium offset paper products with special care for the environment.

INASET is proud of being part of a Company that is the largest tree planter in Portugal and for contributing towards the sustainability of the Portuguese forestry.

Our approach to sustainability management is founded on our Sustainability Policy and other measures that address the main environmental, social and economic risks and opportunities.

Our vision

Our vision of sustainability is underpinned by a commitment to actively all our partners and stakeholders to work in partnership with us in our quest for sustainable development.

A Commitment to Sustainability that guides our decision, comprises a number of responsibilities, starting with a our dedication to sustainable development, which involves a coordinated effort to achieve economic prosperity, environmental awareness and a fairer society.

Maintaining a responsible forest management model usually means that the net amount of wood is kept every year.

In fact, that quantity increases, since more trees are planted than those used for pulpmaking. Respecting biodiversity is one of the key aspects of our forest management. As a result, in addition to Eucalyptus globulus, our forest nurseries also grow oaks, stone pines and ornamental plants.